WooCommerce Services makes basic eCommerce features like shipping more reliable by taking the burden off of your site’s infrastructure.

With WooCommerce Services, critical services are hosted on Automattic’s best-in-class infrastructure, rather than relying on your store’s hosting. That means your store will be more stable and faster.

The current emphasis for WooCommerce Services is to provide "everything you need" to start selling. When combined with the WooCommerce 3.5 setup wizard, your store can have shipping label printing, automated tax calculation, and a ready-to-go Stripe payment account with just a few clicks.

To use the features if you've already installed WooCommerce, simply install this plugin and activate the ones you want directly in your dashboard. As we add more services, you’ll see more features available directly in WooCommerce - making setup simpler.

WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress Plugin that consents users to build their eCommerce Website from initial-level or append additional functionalities to their existing store. It‘s the best one-time payment eCommerce solution with a usage share of 68%. Tap for WooCommerce because

  • 1 million eCommerce sites take advantage of WooCommerce!
  • In open-source- it is the most favorable eCommerce plugin!
  • B2B/B2C- it can be consumed by any type of business model.
  • Flexible- unlimited WooCommerce extensions can be added for better online experience!
  • It can be easily integrated with your existing content management system- WordPress!
  • It is a WordPress plugin- which means you can also leverage WordPress functionalities!
  • No Restriction- it provides complete authority- for customizing your online business according to your demands!

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